Ampll User's Guide

Team and Community Goals

While promoting wellbeing starts with the individual, preventing workplace burnout requires good practices across a team.  Today, Ampll supports two different goals across teams and the community:

  • energy check-ins
  • bolts given

Others are coming!

For the goals, Ampll provides the ability to measure progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Goals are set based on the number of team members on a team at the beginning of a period.

Energy check-ins

Being aware of your energy is a best practice.  To demonstrate awareness, Ampll allows you to "check in" on your battery beyond the measurements collected automatically from your computer and calendar activity.

These energy check-ins include:

We recommend you do some form of energy check-in with Ampll every workday.


Energy check-ins on the Energy Timeline

Bolts Given

"Seeing each other" is a best practice.  You can demonstrate seeing one another by giving bolts.

The Bolts menu on the left side of the Dashboard shows the bolts you've given and received.  We recommend that you recognize teammates at least twice per workday.


The Bolts Given screen 

Team and Community Goals

To keep all team members on these behaviors, Ampll sets team level goals on the Team pages.  Energy check-ins are simply cumulative for all team members.  Bolts exchanged are only counted for bolts given by members to other team members.


The Team page

These goals are just a start.  Look for Ampll to continue to express track goals based on collected data, including successful "no meeting days", keeping meetings inside of preferred hours, and ending days with bars left in the battery!